Bedgebury mountain biking needs a bike park and more fun trail features

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In February 2016, the Forestry Commission ripped down the remaining dirt jumps in the bike park at Bedgebury Forest. The bike park no longer exists and there are no tabletops or jumps anywhere now at Bedgebury.  Although the Forestry Commission originally built these jumps, they weren't maintaining them themselves and were seemingly unaware of their popularity.

Your support is critical.  Please sign this petition asking the Forestry Commission to build a new bike park and add more fun features to the red trail such as tabletops, rollable doubles and infinity landings.

The jumps may have been small and basic, but we all have to start somewhere and they gave many riders the confidence and inspiration to go on to try gap jumps and DH at other venues.

Forestry Commission England do a fantastic job in building trails and providing us mountain bikers with public access to their woodland. But ever since pulling down the northshore at the Bedgebury bike park in 2010, the Forestry Commission have promised to build a new bike park.  Despite also ripping down the jumps in 2016, they say they are still looking to build something but that will only happen through public pressure.

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THANK YOU so much to the 2000+ people who have so far supported this petition and left a comment.  The level of support is fantastic. This petition is by far the biggest source of  user feedback regarding the trails at Bedgebury ever received by the Forestry Commission.

Please keep signing this petition until we see some positive changes.