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End Williamsville Cemetery fence deer impalements!

VIDEO: Christmas Morning Impalements *WARNING: GRAPHIC*

In 2011 the Williamsville, NY Historic Preservation Commission approved the Animal Allies of Western New York "Deer Shield" modification proposal for the historic wrought iron spiked fence at Williamsville Cemetery. The "deer shields" are easily installed onto the spikes of the fence and effectively put a stop to the gruesome impalement and disemboweling of local wildlife (namely white tailed deer who frequent the cemetery).

The same fences exist at various locations throughout Western New York, causing the same horrific damage to wildlife. This is a pivotal and unique opportunity to set a national precedent and SAVE LIVES!!

The fence is 4.5 feet high (with sharpened 8 inch spikes at the top). The fence sits low enough to entice deer to attempt clearance to enter and exit the cemetery.

One resident bordering the Williamsville Cemetery describes an incidence of wildlife injury:
" ...a deer had impaled herself on the fence and was supported only by the seven-inch spikes that pierced her soft underbelly... her front hooves were off the ground and she was hanging entirely by the spike in her belly. Her howls of pain were heartwrenching... It was a horrible sound and an even more horrible sight... I lifted her off the fence as the blood gushed from the gaping wound in her belly. She ran a few hundred feet and collapsed... in the street bleeding and moaning in pain."

This issue is unique in that people from all walks of life have come together and can agree that the brutal way local wildlife are being impaled on and/or eviscerated by the fence and left to linger hours and hours before dying is grotesque, inhumane and avoidable.

We CAN make a huge difference for the animals we share our communities with by coming together and raising awareness about this issue!

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