Forest Fox Core (plain black liner) Hood With a Larger Cut

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100! is a company based in Los Angeles, California that makes and sells fake fur hats. They donate 10% of all profits to help endangered species. Their cause is important as is their brand and what their customers want.


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The Forest Fox hat is one made up of brown and green tones. It's simply lovely and many people adore it.

SpiritHoods in the past released a Forest Fox hood with a brown/green plaid liner and then they re-released the same hood but with a maroon plaid liner which wasn't as big of a hit as the original Forest Fox. They also released a Forest Fox with a bright and colorful spring themed print as well as recently a Forest Fox with a blue, green and yellow galaxy print. There are maybe 2 Forest Fox sample hoods floating around with core liners but the core version never went into production. Also, the Forest Fox hoods tend to fit small, so making this particular hood larger if at all possible, would likely create a lot of want for it.

Almost all of SpiritHoods releases as of late all consist of fancy, vibrant and patterned liners. So for this reason alone, it'd be nice to release a much wanted hood with a plain black liner, also known as a core hood or hood with a core liner. Black goes with everything and that's why the cores are loved so much. The fancy, vibrant and patterned liners are beautiful but...... They don't go with everything in ones wardrobe. Plus, sometimes you just want simplicity.

So sign this petition and lets get this hood into production! Show SpiritHoods that we as a community want this!

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