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Acts of Racism and Hate will NOT be Tolerated

Below is an official statement from the Collective of Concerned Students of Color and Anti-Racist Allies

BACKGROUND: On Tuesday, February 7, 2012 someone wrote the N word in permanent marker across a black student's door. This incident is but one of several that have occurred in recent months at Fordham, including an individual or group of individuals carving another racial slur into concrete and a student going out in Blackface for Halloween.

STATEMENT: We, as members of the student organizations listed below, publicly condemn these and all acts of racism, sexism, sexual prejudice, and violence. We also embrace and champion the University’s long-standing commitment to peace and justice and affirm the following:

• that every individual’s liberation and humanity is intrinsically linked and it is thus imperative that all members of the Fordham community not only respect, but also advocate for the emotional and physical well-being of all its members;

• that we, along with other students, staff, faculty, and the administration, share the responsibility to provide a communal space that both celebrates and protects the beauty of every individual’s personhood;

• that, as members of a Jesuit University, we are each called to be men and women [people] who are for and with others, to respect all members of this community, to acknowledge our human dignity, and to insist that this mission is reflected in every part of the institution.

We urge student accountability to our community and expect our fellow students to speak up about any forms or acts of prejudice, discrimination, and injustice at Fordham. We ask administrators to take affirmative steps to acknowledge, condemn, and correct these acts of prejudice and hate by continuously reflecting upon and assessing Fordham’s policies, practices, and structures that may disenfranchise, marginalize, or disregard any of our community members.
If any member of this community has any information regarding this specific incident or other incidents of hate, we implore them to contact University administrators about the matter.

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