Bring Back Funding for the 50 Million Tree Planting Program in Ontario

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Hello, my name is Saveth Sao and I'm currently completing my Bachelor's in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Resource Management here at the University of Windsor, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The 50 Million Tree Planting Program was introduced in 2008 by Forest Ontario in partnership with the Liberal Government. The main objective of the 50 Million Tree Planting program is to plant 50 million trees by 2025. So far, this program planted over 27 million trees in Ontario alone. On April 25, 2019, the CEO of Forest Ontario, Rob Keen, announced that the Ford Government eliminated funding for the 50 Million Tree Planting Program in Ontario due to budget restrictions.

As a concerned environmental studies major, I urge the public to take action to protect the natural environment and speak on behalf of Mother Nature. Trees are an essential component of the rain cycle, the production of oxygen, the absorption of carbon dioxide, and much more. Trees provide habitat for birds, squirrels, fungi, and  trees promote beneficial water and soil quality. Without trees, the abundance of wildfires will continue to thrive at an alarming rate. Without trees, the soil will start to diminish and with only a fraction of the earth's surface is soil, that will leave many people with the inability to grow vegetation. Without trees, this will leave many species vulnerable to extinction - including humans.

As of today, humans are the greatest threat to species extinction with approximately 200-2000 species face extinction every year (WWF). And as a final note, we are the Lorax: we speak for the Trees as the Trees cannot speak for themselves. We must protect the trees and the natural environment to prolong the life of humans and all species that live on Earth. Please watch the following videos surrounding the protection of the environment:

Dear Future Generations, I'm Sorry:

How to Save Trees and Forests: