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Accommodate Nursing Mothers (and Lions Fans) Trying to Watch the Game

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Some of my earliest memories involve my dad watching Lions games on TV. He used to get super excited when the team would score and yell at the screen when our team fumbled the ball on an important play. He still does to this day!

Today, I have 2.5-year-old twin boys, and we are raising them to be Lions and football fans, too. Watching football and attending games will be another way for us to come together as a family, and the boys have the Lions jerseys to prove it!

When they were newborns and I was alternating breastfeeding with pumping, I would have never attempted to take my twins to a huge place like a stadium that wasn't accommodating to nursing/pumping mothers. I know other moms who are nursing and pumping would feel more comfortable going to high-trafficked places, like Ford Field, if there was a space for mothers to feed their babies.

Sign our petition to call on Ford Field to allow childcare gear through the gates and to provide a comfortable setting for parents to feed their babies in privacy while still watching the game.

Taking little kids to the game isn’t easy. It requires a lot of gear and patience. But it's worth it when parents who are fans get to see a complicated play come through and cheer our team on to victory! Right now, nursing moms have to duck out during that play to find a private place to feed their baby, often in the bathroom, or a stuffy room with no screens to see the action. I’ve even read stories from moms who were turned away for trying to bring breast pumps or diaper bags into the stadium. I imagine that plenty of moms just don’t come at all for this very reason.

That’s not fair. Moms can be some of the most passionate football fans you’ll find, and Ford Field should make a space for them. It’s been done before: the Nationals Stadium responded to a similar petition to create mothers' rooms, and now they have a space furnished with a TV and comfy chairs.

Tell Ford Field that it’s their turn to do the right thing for the families who cheer for the Lions at each game.

Join me and call on Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, to allow childcare gear through the gates and to offer comfortable mothers' rooms in which parents can care for their babies.


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