Force Topdeck into honouring their terms and conditions

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Topdeck has illegally changed its terms and conditions as to not honour refunds for travel booked prior to COVID-19. Topdeck previously stated in their terms and conditions that ‘In the event of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances… we will offer you a refund of all money paid or, if available, alternative travel arrangements of comparative standard’. Obviously considering the current COVID-19 situation there are no available alternative travel arrangements so a full refund should be issued. Instead, Topdeck is completely ignoring the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s guidance that tour operators are not permitted to change the terms of a policy to deny customers a refund if they were previously entitled to one. Despite this, Topdeck continues to flaunt on their website that they’ve changed their terms and conditions to only offer a voucher that must be used before December 2021 instead of a full refund to customers that signed the old terms and conditions. Not only is this completely unjust but it’s also illegal to change terms and conditions AFTER they’ve been signed.