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Force Federal Appeals Court for FAIR appeal in 16 year old girls rape case

In Dallas, Texas a 16 year old girl was raped at a house party, when one of her alleged assailants appeared at a sports event she was cheerleading at she refused to participate and was expelled from the squad When her family pursued a compensation claim against the principle and School District they were ruled against by two serperate courts and the Federal Appeals Court. 

Not only was she denied by two courts, the Federal Appeals Court ordered her to reimburse the school district  $45, 000 for filing a "frivolous" lawsuit against it. Link to article:

This is not right! No sport is worth a victim not only being denied their right to refuse to perform an act they are uncomfortable with, but being forced to compensate for doing so.

Letter to
Representative Eddie Johnson
U.S. House of Representatives
A recent article about a cheerleader in Dallas being forced to compensate her school, over refusing to cheer for her rapist at a game, has been tweeted 764 so far, yet no action has been taken.

Due to the victim seeking compensation for being expelled from the squad, she is now being forced to reimburse them for the legal fees. After the two initial courts denied her claims insinuating that since she was a cheerleader she surrendered her rights to free speech, the Federal Appeals Court forced her to reimburse a total of $45, 000 to the school district.

The U.S House of Representatives and the states Rep. Eddie Johnson need to rectify this wrong. This girl has already been victimized once and now the courts are punishing her for defending herself.

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