Reducing the Food Waste in the Philippines

Reducing the Food Waste in the Philippines

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For those people who wants to reduce the Food Waste

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Started by Alex Sison Valdez

Food waste is one of the most common problem in the Philippines a lot of people is wasting their left over foods and put it in a trash because they don't want to eat that certain food.

Here in the Philippines we have  a lot of farmers and some of the farmers harvest their products to sell it in the market but there was a time that some farmers is planting too much vegetables and fruits because of too much vegetable and fruits the farmers decided to remove all of the vegetables and fruits that they harvest.

The Filipinos really love eating foods but not all of us can finish their meals and that's why the left over foods are getting waste especially in the restaurants as you can observe a lot of people don't finish their foods because maybe they're full and didn't feel hunger anymore.

And by that many people are suffering to hunger especially the poor filipino families and the beggars because of their hunger they will gonna get the left over foods in the trash because they have no choice to eat the foods in the trash.

Eating and finishing your meal can really help to reduce food waste and is it important to make sure that all the food you eat is enough and you will need to have the right and exact amount of food..


5 have signed. Let’s get to 10!