For than the couple Naruto & Sakura arrives in Boruto Naruto Next Générations.

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I Am a fan of Naruto who really discovered the animated in January 2017 and I find the end of this manga totally illogical on many points.I find that the story of the création of ninjas Is really far fetched.I also very strongly doubt that no human being in the centuries preceding the birth of the ninjas have ever learned to master the senjutsu of the frogs and snakes which is the original chakra of the earth.since we learn in Shippuden between episode 460 to episode 468 what the world was before the ninjas and the fact that the divine tree or at least the amino acids that create it came to earth through a fall from a meteorite and by pushing and growing to transform natural energy into chakra fruit and depleted the soil into minerals and water.the fact that kaguya arrives on earth several thousand years after the coming of the tree is really curious.but it is also said by gamamaru that humans are also concerned by this absorption of natural energy so humans have natural energy in them which is quite logical since they are in contact with the ground and the earth. where it is.I know that mastering the senjutsu and the natural energy is very complex is dangerous but that one in a hundred, a thousand or ten thousand have never managed to master it to use it on battlefields in endless wars seems improbable to me and then the fact that the ninjas appear with the progeny of kaguya is delusional.the ninjas of our world are just spy warriors.they do not need to possess and knead chakra to use ninja weapons and explosives and techniques of concealment, camouflage, espionage, the ninjas of our real world could very well have been out of date a long time ago when kaguya came but that's not the case it looks rather like bushis.
really zarbie the story of ninjas.In a year I Watch éd a large part of the episodes of Naruto and Shippuden on Game one and soon French Channel Télévision.I have read several dozen chapters of the manga on the Internet.I have in my possession the eleven films I have watched several times.The Ultimate Ninja video games.So I do not understand this end with the naruhina that does not hold the road.Naruto always madly loved Sakura and sacrificed everything for her even though she had bad behaviors towards him.Having denied her his love of youth is sacrilege.I know the alleged fans of the sasusaku are going to pretend that she always was madly in love with Sasuke.But from my point of view Sakura feels for Sasuke of idolatry.(This is not a sincere love is in addition that to was created by Naruto transformed into Sasuke in Chapter 3 is Sakura is still unaware).When she reveals to her friends that she fell in love with Sasuke.(The flashback in the forest of death).They replied that all the girls in the Academy loved him too.That all the girls of a school be in love with the same boy?.It's a frenzy of groupies.Sasuke was just a scapegoat to be accepted within a gang of girls.And for those who doubt I advise you to look at the arc on the history of Itachi in Shippuden.Moreover during all his years Sasuke them to completely ignored.He hates Sakura very much for his personality and sees in it only a burden.He tried to kill her three times.He was not present for educating his daughter Sarada.Sakura does not deserve to suffer as much for a moron who thinks only of his interests and that he even recognizes.She does not need to suffer for a deserter who betrayed her village and his country.Who for years was absent from Konoha.Who was not present for her.That's why she deserves to finish her life with Naruto in Boruto.For the Naruhina it is only a political "couple".The hero of Konoha and Savior of the world who married to the heiress of the most powerful clan of Konoha still existing. It is disappointing in addition to being too simplistic.But as Naruto has undergone a brainwashing in the last it's "understandable".
(anyway neither road to Ninja nor the last are canonical compared to all the other Naruto movies that owns the official manga logo).For years Hinata never succeeded in uttered a correct sentence without stutter before Naruto and she claims to be in love when she took no initiative to go out with him.It was partly thanks to Sakura in the last that she managed to make the first move.
So in reality she only experiences Naruto for admiration.I sincerely hope that the couple narusaku develop in Boruto because it is a real couple.My personal opinion is that the "fans" of the "Sasusaku " produce only a huge disinformation to discredit Naruto because they always see in him that an eternal loser but it remains him the eponymous hero.The sasusaku is only a platonic "couple".It's even worse than a political couple.For me none of his fans in any country is honest in his steps.It is only trolling to descend a manga that he hates.And they use all possible means and imaginable above all to draw out the drawings from their context.(it's obvious that Sakura cares about Sasuke but his feelings that are exaggerated are not reciprocal).When we put them to their contradictions on this alleged couple.There are no more people there.They're missing subscribers.But this is nothing to compare to the worst of all that are anti-Sakura and anti-Narusaku that brings bogus arguments and completely futile and that must quickly consult a psychologist to heal their delusions.They defend themselves through freedom of expression.Yes, but their opinions must be utilitarian.How is it useful to dump his hatred towards fictional characters?.And they have not seen many animes because the scenes of humorous violence are common in several animes.In short I said all my arguments for the Narusaku has you to follow me or contradict me if you have convincing and credible arguments but I doubt it.Kishimoto or the Studio Pierrot must meet at some point the expectations of millions of people around the world who are not satisfied with this sequel.We have the right to be heard and to have a credible and unarranged romance.Otherwise I'm afraid that the manga Boruto will be a fiasco and who is already heading there with the behavior and the immature personality of Boruto.I would like the narusaku to be to appear to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Naruto in the manga and/where animated Boruto.The Japanese like to criticize European or American comics as well as cartoons.
But when a couple grow in at least it holds the road.Hinata really doesn't deserve it for his introvert personality which is just the opposite of Naruto.His behavior in the last is immature and irresponsible.Well I stop getting angry after all this text and this petition is only the opinion of a citizen like so many others where it is imposed an end that we do not wish.
But one cannot be "against" the naruhina and the sasusaku.We are obliged to accept the situation.Or downright to totally deny Naruto as a blogger on did.Or be content with fan-art and fan-fiction.But that's not enough.We will love to have a real end and we will do whatever it takes to have it.I would very much like the authors to consider a reboot where reset in the manga Boruto Naruto next generations.Thank you to all those who have signed or who will sign this petition.Kind regards.Kevin Notar.(For those whose words do not please nothing prevents you from going your way because this petition is only the expression in my opinion is absolutely not an absolute truth that for me does not exist, do not take my words for cash but as my truth that is based on raw facts)