Restore the Central Park Lawn Bowling and Croquet Greens

Restore the Central Park Lawn Bowling and Croquet Greens

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Lovers of Central Park Lawn Sports started this petition to The Central Park Conservancy

We implore the Central Park Conservancy to take the following action:

1.  Restore the Central Park Lawn Bowling and Croquet Greens.

New Yorkers have enjoyed lawn sports on Central Park's Mineral Springs greens for nearly a century. This venue is a cherished site for recreation and community for New Yorkers of all ages and abilities.  Now severely deteriorated, the greens are rough, weed-infested and essentially unplayable.  Thick and irregular grass affects distance, direction and the ultimate enjoyment of these games.  The unpredictable rough surfaces alter shot direction and hamper the players’ balance and execution.  The beauty, appeal, and timeless charms of the games are lost.

Lawn Sports are an important outlet for seniors and the disabled, in particular.  The physically able can enjoy tennis, jogging, or even a leisurely walk in the Park.  Yet for the physically challenged, there are few recreational options within Central Park.  Nearly 25% of New Yorkers residing near Central Park are over 60 years old.  Lawn bowling and croquet are games of skill and acumen, not strength.  For these seniors and countless others with physical limitations, the Central Park greens have long been an invaluable haven where they can compete on an equal playing field.  The currently distressed conditions terribly compromise this experience.  

The existing greens pre-date the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The current steeped landscape surrounding the green restricts access for seniors and the disabled; the specific groups that depend most on the benefits that lawn sports provide.

2.  Restore the lost grandeur of Mineral Springs. 

At the turn-of-the-1900’s, Mineral Springs was a popular family destination.  Alongside the greens, there originally stood a richly decorated Moorish style pavilion designed by the Park's co-designer Calvert Vaux.  Inside, the centerpiece was an ornate marble counter with silver faucets dispensing various mineral waters, then thought to provide numerous health benefits.  Demolished in the 1950's under order of Robert Moses, one of Central Park’s most delightful architectural gems was lost forever.  In its place now stands an uninspiring structure which functions as a lawn sports clubhouse, maintenance locker room, refreshment venue, and limited restrooms. The current structure is inadequate in all these respects and expanded facilities must be reimagined in both design and use to meet today's demands.

Various Manhattan Community Boards in the surrounding Central Park neighborhoods have pronounced support for our initiative.  Whether you are a concerned New Yorker or one of the many worldwide lovers of lawn bowling or croquet, please show your support by signing this Petition and sharing this Petition with your social network.

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2,605 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!