Sign and Support To Help Overcrowded Shelters

Sign and Support To Help Overcrowded Shelters

May 11, 2022
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Started by Diossely Vega

Animal shelters everywhere are at their max. They are getting overcrowded and apparently a lot of shelters don’t have “enough funds” so they euthanize the pups for space. A lot of your local volunteers are scarce and some of the doggies don’t get to see much out of their kennels that lead later on to kennel distress. Most of your rescue groups are full from taking in those pups and with not many of you wanting to foster or donate, makes it a lot harder for rescue groups to take in more. So what can we do? Because each day, shelters get more dogs in than out.

  •  1. If you want to breed a dog, you have to file for permits and licenses and do a short course on proper dog caring etc bc a lot of puppy breeders are overdoing their dogs and in a disgusting environment. That way there could be a controlled number of breeders and dogs. Too many breeders out there like there is Starbucks or McDonald’s. 

    2.  If you don’t have the permits and you are selling puppies, you will not only lose your dogs but you will get a hefty fine. If you are a permit breeder but you get caught not having a clean environment for the pups or the dogs are in a bad condition, they will also face a hefty fine. 
    This money can go into funding shelters + rescue groups.

    3.  Each month or every 3 months there should be a nationwide day of free spay + neuter on-site and off-site clinics. Also free vaccines for that day. Along with vendors offering low cost grooming + dog food, medication and bedding. And I mean low cost not just 5 bucks off. 
     That way people especially low income get a chance of being able to provide for their pup and not dumping them to a shelter. And all the vendors can write it off to the tax. I’m sure big dog companies can sacrifice one day of low cost. 

    4. Stop the landlords and apartment complex from saying no pets!! It should be a discrimination. Or charging a painful dog rent. A lot of dog owners dump their dogs to the shelters for this reason or bc they can’t pay extra 400 bucks in rent for their dog. Yes the dog owner should sign an agreement where they can show proof that their dog is up to date with vaccinations + license and if it’s a bigger dog a certificate that their dog went and got trained. That way there’s no complaints of dogs barking non stop or dog fighting’s, etc. 

    5.  Stop the capping at 4 dogs per property. There are some owners with enough land to have more than 4. If all their dogs are licensed, up to date with vaccinations and well taken care off there should be no need. There’s a lot of people that love rescuing stray pups, mistreated dogs but can’t bc they can’t take in more dogs due to some states or cities demanding only certain dogs per property. I’m sure they will be willing to pay a license fee. (Again this money can go towards funding ) 

    6. Programs for fostering and volunteers. College bound extra credit programs. More connections with shelters, rescue groups and their communities and businesses. 

    7.  Maybe a program with IRS? Maybe some tax write off or being able to claim your pet on your taxes. Dog owners spend a lot of money as well on their pups.

I know this won’t stop completely the problem but if we get the city and state officials to help make into regulations and get it to be one day a nationwide regulatory then it can help the problem!

It can help your local shelter from being overcrowded, your local volunteers from overworking and your local rescue groups from maxing out their resources. It can help you. It will help the pups to be able to get a second chance in life. Of having that hope that the human coming in to get him/her is to take them out to a walk or their new home not to drag them to the room where they get a lethal painful injection. Dogs have your back, why not have theirs? 

call your city offices, govt offices, let’s share it and make it happen. Any ideas ? Thank You

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Signatures: 337Next Goal: 500
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