#cookevillestrong unites against 107​.​5 The River (Nashville station)

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Here is the link to the actual radio clip:

On March 3, 2020 around 2 am Cookeville, TN was hit by an F4 tornado with very little notice. Our warning systems failed us. The news stations we depended on to warn us was so consumed about the coverage of the tornado that hit their area that they did not cover the track of the dangerous storm that dropped on our beloved community. Being 1:50 am, everyone was asleep not knowing that within minutes the F4 tornado would be on them. With the last minute storm siren, there was no time to get to safety. This resulted in 18 lives being lost, 5 of which were children. Homes and businesses were completely destroyed. A community of family and friends have been devastated. While reporting on the morning show of 107.5 it was said that the reason there was so many lives lost in Cookeville was that we were not educated enough, did not have the resources needed to protect us, and that our homes were not well built, mostly manufactured homes, and were old homes.

They said exactly this:

"They (first responders) also said that they see more deaths in those areas because people don't have as much education or money or resources to protect themselves. And if you think about the structure of the homes in more of those rural communities, a lot of them are pre-manufactured homes, so they don't really have a safe place. If a tornado comes through, the whole house is going."

They then apologized by saying "that lacks proper context we never said they were uneducated."

No they said "they say they don't have as much education" which means exactly the same thing... Then tried to say they weren't responsible for what they said because unnamed "first responders" they made up said it.

The communities hit were 250k homes with in ground pools. We lost good...educated....amazing people. For a radio station that many of us have listened to, to say these things after what we have been through is beyond disguisting. And then for the radio people to say that's  not what was said and then apologize for us misunderstanding their words is unbelievable. We are a community that has suffered a great loss, one that we will take years....if ever to recover from. We stand together as #cookevillestrong and we ask everyone else to stand with us by no longer supporting 107.5 The River, by no longer listening to them. Thank you. 

I would like to add I would like to see the people on the radio show that day to have to come and stand in the middle of this devastation...and to have to clean up these families destroyed homes. I want him to see the face of every single person that died and to know who they were...and to apologize to their families in person.

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