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Disconnect ! International petition to the WHO.

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We live in a modern “connected” society – always on, always contactable, always in touch with the outside world. But there is a price to pay. The social problems of the digital age are now well-documented (bashing for example). What we don’t hear about are the effects on our physical health caused by the electromagnetic fields radiating from mobile phones and wi-fi devices.

As well as the potential risk of cancer from over exposure to the invisible microwaves (as recognised by the World Health Organisation), more than 10% of the population are also believed to suffer from a syndrome known as electro-hypersensitivity as a direct result of the extensive use of wireless technologies.

What is electro-hypersensitivity?
Electro-hypersensitivity is experienced by people who are said allergic to the electromagnetic fields. Without a radical sidelining of the electromagnetic pollutions, it leads to the release of neurodegenerative diseases. Constant fatigue and stress are common signs, while chronic symptoms include insomnia, rough and varied pains (articular, muscular, headaches) and severe depression. Most sufferers go undiagnosed because they, and the health professionals, are not aware of the condition and its cause.

Information, information, information!
Our aim is to raise awareness, at both individual and government level, of the effects of these ever-growing electromagnetic fields that result from increased use of wi-fi technologies.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our everyday lives, the must-have item of the brave new world, but we are only just learning about their harmful flipside – it’s not only the birds and bees who are disorientated and at risk!

All living species are endangered by the electrosmog!
People need to be told about the potential short- and long-term risks. They need to understand what these new technologies are doing to us and the environment we live in. And they need to be advised how to adjust their behaviour to minimise the effects.

What do we want?
We are not seeking a ban on the use of mobile phones and wi-fi devices, but we strongly believe greater control and regulation is needed to protect our health and our planet. We want to get the message out that “you can turn it off, you can disconnect”, at night-time for example, for your own safety and the welfare of those around you.

When cigarettes were found to be bad for our health, the government released hard-hitting advising campaigns to alert the public and introduced legislation to discourage smoking. When cars became the must-have item of the last century and driving became more dangerous, government advising campaigns warned the public and wearing seatbelts became mandatory.

We want the same action to be taken to warn about the dangers of excessive use of wi-fi technologies – and we want it now, before it’s too late.

Danger! - Mobile Phones and Laptops can seriously damage your health!

What is the point of view of the WHO on this problem in view of thousands of scientific studies published these last ten years and which demonstrate the dangerousness of the wireless technologies?

A real freedom can be applied only with full knowledge of the causes... We want more information and control over the emissions of electromagnetic fields.

Please support our ‘Disconnect!’ campaign by signing the petition and passing it on. Together we can drive awareness, alleviate suffering and protect generations.

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Kate McNally, translator
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