#GST4Petrol pl - #86TooMuch. It's KILLING!

#GST4Petrol pl - #86TooMuch. It's KILLING!

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Petrol and diesel prices are skyrocketing again. The common man doesnt get any respite despite promises from ruling party and protests by the opposition.

Even Dr Subramanian Swamy said: “Petrol should not be more than Rs 48 per litre. Everything else is an exploitation,”

Our simple question is: Why can't we bring petrol and diesel prices  under GST?

At present, a central excise duty of 23% and State VAT of 34% is  levied on petrol and diesel. Thus, the total tax works out to 57%.

If these essential products are brought under GST , the maximum tax will be only 28%. This means the prices of petrol and diesel can come down by almost 50%.

The people and the economy at at large will be benefited as it will have a positive, cascading effect. 

Please act in public interest and give the common man the much-needed relief.