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Stop the slaughter of dogs and cats in china and in viet nam

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Barbarism in action
There is first transportation to the places of slaughter, a thousand dogs really piled on each other in small barred cages, embarked on a journey of 48 h, without judgment, urinating and defecating on them, exposed to the weather, deprived of food and water...
But it is in death that peak the barbarity and cruelty. According to beliefs, the animal must be bled slowly to obtain a rich adrenaline deemed meat make consumers more virile. Of course, animals are no stunning and is well aware that they are martyred. Once delivered in restaurants or butchers, dogs are caught the rope or ropes with a stick against a wall and clubbed with a banal hammer. The executioner should hit repeatedly on the head of dogs whose blood spurting extensively. Other dogs attending the carnage. Urinating of terror. Once hit, but still living dogs are bled with a large knife into the windpipe. They are then scalded, skinned to the blade and thrown into a fire of straw to burn the excess hair. Then they are skinned.


-Strangulation: attached a rope around their neck, and pull very slowly… for Choking so that death does not occur too early. At the same time, with a knife, is cutting pieces of flesh on the living dog!...

-The boiling: taking puppies or kittens, they attach near a pot of hot water, and tossed one after the other. The animal, yelling his agony, the water being maintained at a specific temperature, for a few seconds (so that it does not die instantly). Then from the water, he skinned is living. Finally, without skin and while that it breathes, it is thrown in a tub of cold water.

-The round cage: placing the animal in a cage round ridge of barbed wire. Then, the man with a stick, after which is there a smooth node (for to catch the animal insensitively head). Once released, he is severely beaten with a stick with a peak at its end. For ten minutes, beating him will be donnés… Then a blow will be given on the head just to make unconscious semi. And still living on the dépècera.

I request share this petition to the Government of Chinese and Vietnamese, the total judgment of this massacre!

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