Approve a walkout to occur at Foothill High School for COMMON SENSE gun control

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17 bodies. 17 families in mourning. 17 funerals. 17 high schoolers who had exciting dreams and passions but who are now only with us in memory.

This is our new reality. Parkland, Las Vegas, Orlando, Sandy Hook, Columbine; the list goes on.  

Apathy has consumed us. We now see gun control as a hopeless cause due to the inaction of a Congress that submits to the will of the NRA and other gun lobbies. The result? Even with shooting after shooting, gun laws have mostly remained unchanged or in some cases, become even less stringent. 

As proud Falcons, we will not surrender. We want gun control reforms that tackle the problem at the (surprising!) root cause: guns. Yes, people kill people, but people with guns kill many more people. 

We are not against basic constitutional rights nor are abiding by any particular political agenda. Common sense should transcend party lines. Across the nation, parents, teachers, administrators, and students both Republican and Democratic are angry and calling for immediate change.

That's why we want Foothill High to become an active participant in the national discussion about gun reform. On March 14, the National School Walkout will occur, and we want Foothill to join in. Please help us in persuading our school's administrators to approve this event. It will only take 17 minutes, for the 17 victims, starting at precisely 10:00 in the morning. 

We'd like to emphasize again the absence of factional politics in this movement. We respect constitutional rights, including the 2nd Amendment, but we also want to ensure that the "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" promised to us in our nations' founding documents continue to hold true. 

It's time for action, Falcons!

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