Stop the FA's astronomical price rise for the FA Cup final

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Sign this petition to stop the Football Association's greed from preventing football fans who have followed their club all season from attending this season's FA Cup Final in May due to astronomical ticket price rises.

Fans of Manchester United and Chelsea will be charged between £45-£145 for the final on May 19th. That equates to a price hike of around 35% from last season and, in some cases, a rise of 77% from the recent semi-final. The most popular category (B) tickets will cost £115, compared to £85 last season and £65 for the semi-final.

Given that the operation costs of the final cannot be 77% greater than the costs of managing the semi-final for the FA and for Wembley, it seems only a matter of greed that these will be the prices.

It is yet another example of the Football Association's lack of consideration for real football fans.

Man United fans call on their club and the rest of the football community to put pressure on the Football Association to re-consider this rise in prices. 

Both sets of fans will receive fewer tickets for the final than for the semi-final, and therefore it is clear why tickets will be more expensive: so sponsors and the FA's 'friends' can be given free tickets while fans suffer having followed their team all season.

At the biggest clubs in the country in the last few years, there have been price freezes on season tickets and there is now a £30 price cap on away tickets in the Premier League. Yet the FA, who should be the bastion of fairness in football, are leading the way in corporate greed.

The FA are willing to apologise for a joke towards striker Harry Kane in a tweet, are they willing to change their mind on this far more important issue? Is this what the FA mean by ‘the people’s game’? Is this football 'for all'?

Sign the petition, make your voice heard.