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Reverse your 20% military discount policy back to original to include all military personnel regardless of status

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Foot Locker changed their 20% Military Discount Policy from being given to all military personnel, regardless of duty status and branch, to only the following qualified military members:


-Active duty personnel in any branch of the military, their spouse, and eligible dependents
-Retirees receiving Military benefits, including their eligible spouse and dependents
-Other individuals, eligible spouses, and dependants may qualify if they are currently receiving military benefits


-Veterans who are not receiving military benefits
-National Guard or Reservists
-Civilians who are employed by the Federal Government or work on a military base

National Guard and Reserve Soldiers, including those personnel who are Active Guard Reserve (AGR) are not qualified. With that being said, all active duty personnel to include spouses and children who do not wear the uniform are eligible, but members of the Reserve Components who wear the uniform during Unit Training Assemblies (UTAs), Annual Training (AT), and including deployments overseas are no longer eligible. National Guard and Reserve Soldiers, including those personnel who are Active Guard Reserve (AGR) are not qualified. However, Retirees of the Active Component and their spouses and children also qualify.

There is a huge discrepancy in this policy.

1. AGR personnel and their dependents are those "Other individuals, eligible spouses, and dependents may qualify if they are currently receiving military benefits". How does this not override the second part of this policy? I am AGR in the National Guard. I receive full military benefits and so does my child. This does not make any sense nor does it validate the reason for my disqualification simply because I am in the National Guard.

2. This policy cannot be considered a policy that truly serves and gives back to the military as a military discount is exactly that, a military discount. Since when are the members of the National Guard and Reserves, including those in the AGR program (who are Active Duty) considered any less or any different than our fellow counterparts in the Active Components? A veteran is a veteran. Anyone who puts on their camo everyday, one weekend a month, or during deployment for more than a day is considered a veteran. This policy is discriminatory to all of my fellow military members who are in the reserve components.

3. While attempting to get the military discount in their Cross Creek Mall, Fayetteville, NC location, one of my fellow Soldiers and friend was told by the Foot Locker employees that his Common Access Card (CAC) was no longer enough to receive their 20% military discount. He had to input his date of birth for the system to verify. This Soldier is a National Guard Soldier who is in the AGR program. After showing the employees his orders, he was told that that was not valid and he still did not qualify. When asked if he needed to give out his SSN, the employee stated, "No, due to security reasons." That is odd. When looking at Foot Locker's policy, when buying shoes on their website, in order to qualify for the 20% military discount, the member has to do the following:

Steps to become verified:
During checkout, under "Payment Method", click on the Use Military Discount link and follow the instructions provided. You may be asked to upload documents to help validate your service. Please submit one or more of the following documents in this case:


-Orders, or Deployment Records

-Any other official US Military Credentials you feel prove your service

-Acceptable image formats are .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tiff. Acceptable document formats are .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, or HTML.

We will verify your military service as quickly as we can, our customer service team will contact you, and we'll apply your military discount (or issue a refund).    

Does Foot Locker not consider this a security issue? A DD 214 and military orders contain the service member's SSN. I, as a service member, do not feel at all comfortable submitting my DD 214 or military orders online to any merchant not knowing the type of security measures in place.

Status should not matter. It did not matter before prior to their policy change, so why the change of policy, I am not sure. But I wear my uniform with pride ad many others do. I am considered active duty, as I am in the AGR program. This policy should not be okay to discriminate and exclude members of the military simply because of status, especially when people who have neither served (military dependents) or no longer serve (retirees) are eligible.

Please share this with all military members as well as anyone else who fully supports the military and feels this wrong. We need all of the signatures we can get to get Foot Locker and other stores like it that exclude those who are not considered to be active duty to change their policies.



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