FoodWorks Apollo Bay remove plastic packaging of fresh foods & increase access to bulkfood

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We are in a waste crisis in this country. A big part of this waste crisis is caused by single-use plastic. We know that plastic never breaks down, it only gets smaller. Each year around 130,000 tonnes of that plastic winds up in the ocean where fish and marine life ingest it, or choke on it. 

It can be hard to imagine how bad our rubbish problem is in Victoria when it’s not visible everyday thanks to our great ability to dig giant holes that hide our rubbish. But when you consider how much each of us throw away each day, and times that by almost 6.4 million of us, it quickly adds up for something that never goes away. 

But it doesn’t need to be this way. While many of us asking how we can reduce our impact and rid the plastic from our lives, we realise that the alternatives are accessible and with a little practice, easy to implement. But we recognise that these changes need to be supported by business, who are in a great position to be leaders of this change. 

It’s fantastic that FoodWorks have supported the communities efforts to become plastic bag free, and is working to reduce it’s impact by installing solar panels and looking at plastic packaging alternatives.

But as customers we want these efforts to be extended and fast tracked. As signatories to this petition, we request that FoodWorks Apollo Bay: 

1. Removes single use plastic from all fresh foods, along with the provision of plastic produce bags.  

2. Support the community to implement sustainable packing solutions. 

3. Increase access to bulk foods across the store.

4. Advocate for change at other FoodWorks stores. 

As customers of FoodWorks in Apollo Bay we look forward to presenting this petition and speaking to those in charge who can influence this outcome.