Tell Foodtown to Stop Selling Live Animals

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Dead. Dying. Trying to stay alive. There's a stench of fish and death, and Foodtown (Davie, FL, and other locations) reeks of it.

Lethargic fish and lobsters waste away in tanks, waiting for a net to plunge down into the water and be killed. Frogs, eels, and turtles, shipped all the way from China in deplorable conditions, quietly suffer and die in metal basins which are displayed in public.

Foodtown, one of the largest Asian live seafood markets in South Florida, has already been issued market warnings by the FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Committee) for “improper temporary caging, and improperly exhibiting softshell turtles."

But despite that, Foodtown still crams its cruel containers with frogs (both dead and alive) and carries on with torturing its turtles. They refuse to stop the cruelty.

Also, the live animals, once purchased, are completely at the disposal of whoever bought them. That means they are usually cooked alive in boiling water or steamed - a slow, painful death. I've witnessed customers slamming the fish in their plastic bags onto the walls outside of the store again and again to kill it. That's only one example of how awful Foodtown's practice of selling of live seafood is - you could only hope that customers won't treat what they buy with cruelty.

There are many children at Foodtown, too, shopping with their parents on weekends. Having to experience this and maybe even eat these animals is very traumatizing. When I was a young child, I would be horrified when we got to the live animal section (and still am!). The treatment of these animals is horrendous and must be discontinued now.

That's why we are asking Foodtown to end its sales of live animals. Please speak out for these poor animals. They do not deserve to be caught from the wild and then treated like this.

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