Add option to specify number-of-ketchup-sachet-required in all relevant online food orders

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Be it ordering a burger, sandwich, pizza, or a plethora of food items, ketchup is a steady and basic requirement for many of these. As much as the restaurant or the food outlet is willing to make sure that ketchup sachets/pouches are provided in enough number to the customer, so much so is the customer willing to have it while having his/her food.

But what is a major concern is the below cases :
1. What if the customer already has a ketchup of his/her choice at his home/place-of-order which he is willing to consume, instead of the one provided by the food outlet ?
2. What if the customer does not even want to have any ketchup just because he/she wants to enjoy the stand-alone taste of the dish ?
3. What if the customer has an estimate of the sachets/pouches he/she needs and uses few instead of all that were provided/sent in the order ?

Now in all the above 3 conditions, the obvious step that the customer takes is to throw the sachets in the dustbin without using them. Its bothersome and close-to-impossible to stack/save those sachets and use it next time, all the more less because even the next time, more unasked sachets would be coming with the ordered food.

On a minute scale, and for a single restaurant or an individual customer, this might seem like a diminutive issue. But when considered with the number of unused, unopened sachets reaching the dustbin and hence the dumping ground, it scales to a good enough environmentally degrading issue per se. Moreover, unopened/unused sachets are neither recycled, nor are in a condition to recycle. It just adds to the plastic pile at the garbage dump.

Preventing this is not a major workout, or a policy change, or even a major structural change in the working process of the online-food-industry. It hardly requires "adding an option for the customer to specify the number of sachets/pouches of ketchup he/she requires in relevance to a dish he/she is ordering".

Major advantages of adding this option are :
1. Restaurant saves money, that is otherwise spent in sending extra ketchup, and sends only the number specified by the customer.
2. Customer knows and has an idea about how many ketchup sachets he/she wants, and consumes only from them.
3. Wastage of Ketchup is prevented.
4. A CONTROLLED number of plastic sachets reach the garbage dump, instead of an uncontrolled/unknown/vast number.

Hence, its a request made to all the online food-ordering-platform owners including,,, and to kindly heed to this little yet high-impact-creating change that can really prove to be a contributory drop in the ocean of changes required to save the Mother Nature.