Stop Species Loss across the UK. Stop Chemical Agriculture.

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Mass extinction of insects and the drastic fall in bird numbers are connected. The biggest killer has been the way we produce our food, and that is something we can change.... before it's too late.
1,745,383 People did it in Germany, we can do it here in the UK.
Bees are just one species that are part of this horrendous decline.

We need drastic changes to UK farming practices, we don't have time to wait. Nearly half of ALL insects are in rapid decline and one third are facing extinction.
We need to set an implementable target for 20% of UK farmland to be organic by 2025 and 30% by 2030.
Waterways and meadows desperately need protection from chemical run off and soil erosion.

 If we wait for industry and farmers to do this without a huge push from the people of the UK and government in particular, nothing will happen.

The wildlife and Countryside act 1981, is hopelessly out of date and no longer fit for the purpose it was originally written for. We need to enact new laws to phase out pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate and  the planting of GM crops. Currently there is nothing being done to change, by law, the way our environment is farmed.

I started this petition because…
I run a small Organic farm in Oxfordshire, but we are an island in a landscape of chemical agriculture. Driven since the second world war by massive multinationals  and Government, encouraging the use of more chemicals and fungicides by farmers to produce greater and greater yields. This has led to the destruction of our flora and fauna on an unprecedented scale and all at the cost of cheap food and human health.

Please help us force change, without your voice nothing will change!

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