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UPDATE # 5: 

Surabaya zoo: Can Indonesia turn round 'zoo of death'?

6 February 2014 Last updated at 23:40 GMT

"Indonesia's Surabaya zoo - once the pride of the nation for having more species than others in the region - has come under attack for a series of animal deaths and other scandalous conditions.

An endangered komodo dragon and a pregnant barking deer are among the animals recently found dead in the facility. Others are kept in cramped conditions or are chained up.

The city government, which owns the zoo, is now promising change, saying it will run the zoo with international standard of care."

But can the promise be trusted? From former knowledge it sounds dubious and I am a little more than little pessimistic about the city government's promises, and yet there is hope as long as there is life. So fear for the worst and hope for the best!

UPDATE #4: AFA is shocked and appalled to learn of the appalling conditions for animals at Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia. 

We are saddened to hear of the continuing situation which is causing unnecessary loss of life and suffering. No captive-animal establishment should house more animals than it can care for adequately. The owners of the zoo have wilfully encouraged the breeding of animals without considering the resources necessary to provide these animals with their basic needs. 

AFA supports efforts being proposed by the Indonesian Zoo and Aquarium Association to alleviate animal suffering.


UPDATE #2, dating 4th March 2014

SURABAYA, Indonesia — A gaunt, malnourished white tiger died of pneumonia in mid-February. A lion died of strangulation in January when its neck became entangled in the cable that opened and closed the door of its cage. More than 100 other animals have perished since last summer, including a rare Komodo dragon found dead in its enclosure last month.

Even people who see a positive role for zoos in protecting endangered species and educating the public have worries about the one in Surabaya. Other than zoos in war zones, it is “probably the worst case of a zoo and dying animals anywhere in the world in recent years,” said Sybelle Foxcroft, the director of Conservation and Environmental Education 4 Life, an Australian nonprofit group that has begun advising the Surabaya Zoo.


For more information, please go to:



Things in Surabaja Zoo just do not change, new information from this link:


The largest zoo and complete in Southeast Asia and divided to some places for birds, freshwater aquarium and brine, quarantine Toxidemi, night animal ( nocturama) and various mammals ( mammal). In Special place, there is also porpoise (pesut mahakam) and mermaid

Surabaya Zoo located in Setail Street 1 Surabaya (Wonokromo - beside Joyoboyo station area), KBS is big zoo and complete. It is in it are dwelt more than 351 composing different animal species more than 2806 animals. Include Indonesia rareness animal and also world consisted of Mammalian, Aves, Reptile, and Pisces.

KBS is part of education that is indirectly good for recognizing many kinds of animal so that planted early on feeling love to the nature and its contents. Besides, KBS (Shortly of Surabaya Zoo, commonly people called it as KBS) is animal garden with the meaning place with main function of conservation which is do some effort for treatment and breeding various animal types for the agenda of forming and develop new habitat as supporting facilities for protection and conservation of nature.

This is how they advertise the zoo on line, but the reality is a totally different thing. There is no sign of protection of animals and conservation of the envitoment, in fact the opposite.

After all this time, since I started this perition, nothing has been accomplishet. The elephants have their leg chains too tight, giraffses are just skin and bone, and God olny know how many of these precious animals have died since the first appearance of this petition.


Corruption is widespread in Indonesia, infiltrated into almost all brancres of business. Even in zoos.

KPK (Indonesian corruption fight agency) investigates `bank fee' for East Java officials, National | Mon, January 25 2010, 1:15 PM

SURABAYA: The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is investigating a finding stating that the East Java Development Bank (Bank Jatim) has distributed fees to the province's officials worth a total of Rp 71.4 billion (US$7.14 million).

KPK deputy chairman for prevention Haryono said the funds had changed hands since the provincial administration began using the bank for the province's budget.

"We will trace the flow of the funds. If we find that they went to the personal accounts of officials, we would ask them to return the money and process them according to the law," Haryono said.

Meanwhile Bank Jatim president Muljanto denied the funds, which were considered marketing fees, had been transferred to the personal accounts. "The funds went to the institutions accounts. But we have stopped paying the fees." - JP


The country’s corruption watchdog arrested four people on Wednesday, including two tax officials, for allegedly accepting bribes from a steel company.

“This morning our investigators caught two tax officials red-handed in Terminal 3 of the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport,” Corruption Eradication Commission spokesman Johan Budi said on Wednesday.

Johan said the tax officials arrested were Muhammad Dian Irwan Nuqishira and Eko Darmayanto, who worked as an investigator and an auditor at the East Jakarta tax office.

Muhammad and Dian were caught allegedly receiving S$300,000 ($240,809)from two employees of the Master Steel company, who were also arrested.

Acting Finance Minister Hatta Rajasa said he appreciated the KPK’s efforts to clean up the tax office by arresting the two officials.

“I just heard about the arrest and I think the KPK has done the right thing,” he said.

Hatta said every state institution should work harder at ending corruption in their offices.

A similar statement was also made by Fuad Rahmani, the Finance Ministry’s director general of taxation. “Once again we appreciate this,” he said in a text message.

“Reformation in human resources will be maintained until all those who are troublesome get caught and fired, and even sent to jail,” he added.

Last month tax official Pargono Riyadi was charged after the KPK alleged he had extorted a payment of Rp 125 million ($12,900) from Asep Hendro, a former racing car driver and car dealer.

The most recent arrests follow a series of bribery scandals involving tax officials in the past two years.

In 2012, Dhana Widyatmika, a Jakarta-based tax official, was found to have amassed a fortune in cash and gold bullion from bribes. He was later sentenced to seven years in prison.

In June 2012, the KPK arrested Tommy Hendratno, a tax official from Sidoarjo, East Java, for accepting a Rp 280 million bribe.


A visitor account of the Surabaya Zoo in 2011: "The oldest zoo in Indonesia (founded 1918), used to be the most complete and largest zoo in all of ASEAN. Today, the zoo is more famous for the animals that have died under its care, and for the fighting that takes place between the city and national governments over the management of the zoo. In 2012, Time Magazine called it the "Zoo of Death"."


That sound fishy. Corrupt tax officers, fishy bank transfers, neglect and outright animal abuse in zoos. No matter how hard the Indonesians try, they will have the corruption stigma for years, and the present situation in Surabaya Zoo does not make things any more plausable, on the contrary. The figures are staggering: approximately 15 animals at the zoo die every month, and the main COD is starvation and dehydration.

The latest devolepment in the Surabaya Zoo was from 16th June: An eye witnnes account:

"So this is what happened right now. Taken this morning from Surabaya Zoo, East Java, Indonesia. Horrible. A living hell. They eat plastics just to stay alive. Please share this, Save Surabaya Zoo. Nobody cares but us who speak for the unspoken! The world must know!

They should have got meat. But the meat was taken home by the employee. Humans are the smartest yet the most selfish retards."

This eye witness account gives a very good overview to the whole zoo's situation: animals are starving, they are mistreated, abused and deliberately starved. And only, because an employee or employees wanted the meat meant for the tigers, and other food meant for otner zoo inmates. The death toll in Surabaya Zoo has been over 300, if not more to date.

The tigers are in appalling condition, they are just skin and bones, and the very breathing is and exhausting task. Something must happen as soon as possible to put things right in the zoo and get the animals the medical care and the proper nutrition they need. It may also be tha last place having these higly vulnerable tiger species. And they are not the only ones in deep trouble in that zoo.

What needs to be done is to get as many signatures as we can in the shortest period of time. The animals cannot hold on much longer, and the officials do nothing but sit on their hands. And put money in their pockets. And steal the animals' food. Keep our fingeres crossed that the two zoo food companies donate enough to help maintain at least a mediocre feedin standard in Surabaya Zoo.

The national police, not the local and corrupt one, must strat investigations for the reasons laeading to this state and also punish the owners of the zoo for animal abuse, neglect and deliberate starvation, denial of medical treatment and torture.

I wish you would also check this link:

We have not much time, but let's do our best!

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