Stop displaying calories on menus

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I have recently seen that on a restaurants app, they display the calories in their meals beside the meal in a similar size text as the price. I know this is not the only restaurant that does, but this one has moved me to make change. To me, this is disgusting. I can be very triggering to someone who struggles with food, counts calories or is recovering from an eating disorder.  Seeing the calories in food, should be an option. I can be very upsetting and triggering to someone to see calories forced in their face by the menu. I know as someone who has struggled with food and counted calories before that this can put you off going out for a meal or ordering something your body wants. It can trigger you back into that obsession again. In the world we live in, I would love to see change in food chains and more consideration for those who struggle with food. I know that some people may need to count their calories for a diet, medical reasoning, health. But this should be an option for those and not pushed in every ones faces as they order food.