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Standardize the location of expiration dates in consumer products.

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The Republic Act No. 7394 of 1992 also known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines defines expiry or expiration date as a date placed on the packaging of a product after which the product will no longer hold its potency and safety and will be prohibited to be sold. Although it was a clear statement, it does not entail precise regulations concerning the location of expiration dates on products. Take the images above as an instance. Both are classified as canned goods but the locations of their expiry are inconsistent. The product in Figure 1 exhibits its expiry under the can and the product in Figure 2 shows its expiry at the top of the can.

Apart from canned goods, some cases even involve medicines. The image in Figure 3 presents an example of a particular pre-packed drug. Without further observation, the inadequately embossed expiration date of the product cannot be recognized. Other than that, each capsule does not possess their own expiration date which imposes another disadvantage to the consumers. If the customer could or would only acquire a portion of a mat of that medicine, then the section where the expiry is positioned would be cut off. The insufficiency of provision of expiration date can also lead to retailers’ deception of buyers. They could sell the product beyond the expiration date and could deceive their customers into availing it.

Unnoticeable labelling of expiration dates would leave the customers clueless whether the products are safe for ingestion. To ensure the health and safety of the consumers, may the Food and Drug Administration initiate a law requiring manufacturing companies to embed expiration dates in a standard location in the product’s packaging depending on its classification. Such law would eliminate the previously enumerated predicaments.

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