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Petitioning President Barack Obama and 2 others

Tell the FDA to Permit Over The Counter sales of Birth Control


The American College of Obstretics and Gynecology believes that birth control pills should be made available over-the-counter and many countries around the world have already done so. Given the last 50 years of its prescription availablity, research shows that the pill is safe and effective for use in preventing unwanted pregnancies and relieving female health issues. 

Reports show that 2/3 of American women want birth control made available OTC. This FDA reclassification would reduce medical costs by eliminating the requirement of paying for a needless doctor visit in order to obtain the prescription, and additionally it would provide easier access to many women who lack or have difficulty obtaining sufficient healthcare. 

With the obstructionism of women's healthcare in the SCOTUS decision in addition to numerous state legislation causing detriment to the lives of women across the country, there has never been a better time than now to ask the FDA to permit the sales of OTC birth control. 

Letter to
President Barack Obama
Senator Patty Murray
Food and Drug Administration
Tell the FDA to reclassify Birth Control and make it available Over The Counter!

Women all across America are facing increasing difficulty in maintaining their reproductive healthcare rights and this measure would eliminate many of those issues in addition to ensuring women's autonomy in making decisions about the well-being of her body.

Given the 50+ years of research and prescription availability of Birth Control American medical professionals report that it is very safe and effective for female health matters, and further indicate that Birth Control should be made available OTC, as many countries have already implemented.