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Tell the FDA to Investigate WALMART for Puffer Fish's DEADLY NEUROTOXIN in Pet Department

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The home marine aquarium community is outraged by the presence of Green Spotted Puffer Fish in Walmart stores.  Walmart is unequipped to sustain this brackish water fish, Puffers require an advanced fish keeping skills and specific diet. Walmart puffers are in a constant state of starvation, because the supplier Quality Pets Inc has instructed Walmart to feed them fish flakes. Puffer Fish DO NOT EAT FISH FLAKES.

Link between puffer stress and fish die off: TETRODOTOXIN

The cruelty doesn't stop with the puffer fish. It circulates through the tanks water to other fish sharing the same filter system exposing them to TETRODOTOXIN,  When threatened or stressed, Puffer Fish excrete Tetrodotoxin the 2nd most deadly neurotoxin in vertebrates. Water tests of 12 Walmart locations display tank's were conducted over a 6 month period. These tests showed insubstantial presence of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates, concluding that Walmart display tanks filter systems may only be partly to blame for Walmart's high fish mortality rate.  Puffer fish do not breed in captivity, they are netted in the wild and shipped from East Asia to US import warehouses. Because puffers can kill other fish simply by being confined together in a small space, they are kept separate from all other fish to protect them. Walmart isn't only  exposing their fish to this deadly neurotoxin. Their tanks are often left unlocked and within reach of children. No WARNING signs are posted advising them that they are coming into contact with a potentially poisonous animal. .Walmart urgently needs to be tested for the presence of Tetrodotoxin.

Besides committing ongoing acts of willfull knowing cruelty to the puffers and all other fish, Walmart could be violating the law by placing the unwitting public at risk of contact with Tetrodotoxin tainted water. 

 With enough signatures we can get this critical issue addressed, and make the federal government step in to conduct an investigation. Please sign and circulate this petition and help us stop this outrageous tragedy from continuing.

Thank you,

Peggy Thomas


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