Tell Eco Styler to Stop Making False Claims on their Hair Gel Products!

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Something has recently caught my attention about Eco Styler gel and the ingredients they claim to use and benefits they promote.

Their product labeling makes false claims. They are not a company we can trust.

For example, their Black Castor and Flax Seed Oil Gel. It claims to ‘promote hair growth’ and be ‘no flake, no tack, anti-itch’ and contain Vitamin E, Fiber, and Omega-3. At a first glance, Vitamin E is not listed. Vitamin E’s "scientific version" of the name is tocopheryl acetate, which is not listed either. In order for a company to make such high claims, the product needs to have to have a drug license and exhibit a drug facts box. Their styler gels do not contain this labeling in any of their products, which is a bit troubling considering many women use these products in their daily routines.

This is unjust and deceiving to customers, especially when there are several other products out there better than Eco Styler. With so many companies trying to reach the natural hair community, it’s important for all hair and beauty lovers to find products that work and are from brands that we can trust.

We should not continue to be discriminated against by pulling the wool over our eyes with false claims.

Since the FDA isn’t regulating products before they get on the shelves, we have to take responsibility to know what we’re putting in our hair. Eco Styler should be shamed for providing their loyal customers with false advertisement. If they are making false claims such as this, what else are they lying to us about?

I’ve reached out to the FDA because this company is clearly mislabeling products and misleading consumers.

I encourage you to sign this petition, to read more about this, and to contact the FDA to make a complaint. It’s time we take the power back to the consumers and to stop discrimination and lies in the natural hair industry.


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