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Food and Drug Administration: Stop Approving the Sale of Lion Meat

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The ‘king of the jungle’ on a dinner plate?! Help us keep lion meat off of the menu!

Right here in America, there has been a troubling proliferation of lion meat advertised on menus in upscale restaurants, taco stands, and burger shops.

Born Free USA’s investigation into the lion meat industry uncovered shocking details of a cycle that involves lion cubs bred for the captive display industry, caged lions shot at a slaughterhouse, and lion meat sold to unwitting consumers without proper regulatory oversight of animal welfare and human health and safety. This shady, poorly-regulated business places both people and animals at risk.

Indefensibly, government agency oversight has largely fallen though the regulatory cracks. Neither the USDA nor the FDA claims full responsibility for the raising and slaughtering of lions and are, therefore, unable to guarantee safety for human consumption.

Moreover, since 1980, wild African lion populations have been reduced by half—and the increased popularity and availability of lion meat in the U.S. could influence global trends, threatening the survival of lions in the wild.

At a time when wild lion populations teeter on the brink, the appalling rise of restaurants serving lion meat in America is simply unacceptable.

Consumers, restaurant owners, and policymakers are all responsible for putting a stop to this risky business by refusing to buy or sell lion meat, and by pushing for stronger regulations and prohibitions on the possession, slaughter, and sale of lions in the U.S.

Lion burgers? Lion tacos? No. Lions in the African savannah. Born free and living wild.

Sign this petition urging the FDA to stop approving the sale of lion meat.

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