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Require Farms to be Free-Range and Organic

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Factory farming is the method of raising livestock in confinement. In this process animals are being raised for food or other animal products without focusing much attention on the health or living conditions of the animals. Factory farms can create many health hazards, over-crowding being one of many. As a result of overcrowding it makes it easy for disease to spread among them. All it takes is for one animal to get sick and, because of the close proximity to one another, they will eventually spread the disease. In attempts to reduce the spreading of diseases, antibiotics are used as a quick fix in factory farms.

These animals are pumped with excessive antibiotics, hormones, and steroids. Consequently, their bodies become so enlarged they collapse no longer able to support themselves. Since animal’s bodies cannot support this drastic change it results in debilitating and painful conditions and deformities. The Farm Sanctuary reports” factory practice such as breeding are designed to maximize weight, egg, and milk production which take a physical and mental toll on animal welfare.” These animals undergo painful mutilations and are bred to grow at alarmingly fast rates. The reason for the practices used are to maximize meat, egg, and milk production for the food industry.

The overuse of antibiotics in animals is affecting the health of consumers. The American Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals emphasizes, “Overusing antibiotics causes more strains of drug-resistant bacteria, which is affecting the treatment of various life-threatening diseases in humans. As the animals become resistant to the drug so do people”. The various growth hormones commonly used by the U.S. dairy industry can significantly increase the risk of breast, prostate, and colon cancer in beef consumers. Producers are not required to list the use of hormones on product labels so consumers are completely unaware of what is really going into their bodies.

Factory farming is unnecessary and unethical. If billions of animals are going to be slaughtered every day against their will they deserve to live their days out as happy and healthy as they can be. Consumers should never be fed animals pumped with antibiotics and other drugs without even knowing what they are consuming. If people were fully aware of what they were eating they would be outraged. Meat, eggs and dairy pumped with hormones and antibiotics are being consumed by many families daily. People expect the products they are buying to be regulated and safe to consume. Where will it end when people and animals are dying of diseases that were once curable. Those who abstain from eating animal products should not have to suffer and watch their environment be destroyed because of the profit and greed of factory farm owners.

The solution is to ban factory farming or to require all farms to be free-range and organic. By being free-range farms, animals are free to roam around as they please and are not confined to overcrowded as well as cramped spaces.Factory farming is affecting the welfare of animals, consumers’ health, as well as the environment which is a problem that needs to be stopped as well as fixed. The only focus is on making as much money as possible. Why is factory farming still continuing when its effects are so clear? It is an issue that can be fixed now, so it is up to us to solve this problem while it still can be solved, preventing it from causing further damage.


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