A Petition to the FDA: Diners Deserve Restaurant Transparency

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For too long, restaurants have lobbied to hide what’s in their food from American diners. We at Pei Wei don’t think that’s right. We’re all restaurant customers, and we all need to demand transparency so that consumers to can make informed dining decisions.

Why? Because in order to live a healthy, balanced life, it’s vital to understand and know what’s in the food we consume. Under current FDA regulations, restaurants don’t have to tell you if your meal has preservatives or artificial coloring or other unappetizing ingredients. You know what’s in the food you eat at home, and you deserve to know what’s in the food you eat away from home.

It’s not that hard for restaurants to tell you what’s in the food they’re serving you—after all, they’re the ones that make it. So why would they spend all that money lobbying against informing diners? Maybe because they’re afraid that you won’t like what you see…

Join Pei Wei in its fight to change the restaurant industry. Once all restaurant chains are required to publish their ingredient statements, we’ll all enjoy more peace of mind when dining out.

Sign now to support our citizen petition to the FDA asking that restaurants be held to the same standards as packaged food makers!