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Require the Meat Industry to label similar to the Tobacco Industry !

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Every year billions of animals are slaughtered and their body parts sold by the meat industry to consumers as food. These consumers are often unaware of the circumstances in which the animals are held and ultimately butchered, as well as the health risks the consumers themselves are exposed to. The meat industry is too loosely regulated and many other industries that directly affect the consumers’ health have much higher standards and labeling requirements. Consumers have a right to know what they are supporting and what promotes or compromises their own health!

Much like the Tobacco Industry the Meat Industry will be required to label their products in a specific manner as required by the guidelines. We, the undersigned, are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to implement the requirements.

This petition asks the FDA to implement the following guidelines in accordance with the strengthened tobacco guidelines as they started stronger labeling in 2010:

The following labels will begin to appear on meat products and products that include meat elements. They will appear on products offered on the market and in media advertisements.

• WARNING: By consuming this product you are supporting the confinement and slaughter of a living being (in accordance with harming another being through secondary smoke).

• WARNING: By consuming this product you are supporting the harmful effects raising and feeding farm animals has on the environment.

• WARNING: This product can harm your health because:
• This product can cause colon cancer.
• This product can cause heart disease.
• This product can cause diabetes.
• This product can cause harmful cholesterol levels.
• Meat most often contains additives such as antibiotics, steroids, and/or    other growth hormones that you will enter your system and cause resistance

 In addition every TV commercial or Public Message that promotes the consumption of meat needs to include the above!

 Labeling needs to include the specific area each single animal has to live on without interference or intrusion (e.g. “free range” would be considered as insufficient; needs to say 10 feet, etc.).

 This petition requests that the same requirements will be implemented for kosher/ halal meat products without exceptions.

 All of the above will be regulated through quarterly inspections and if not implemented as indicated will be fined in an amount adequate per each violation (e.g. one WARNING violated and TV commercial standard violated = e.g. certain amount fine, a.s.o). Also, violations cannot be fined as a one-time offense within a quarterly period. If the company does not correct a violation within a two-week time period the fine for the respective violation will not stand but double in amount.

We all have a right to information and especially where any industry deals with lives, those of consumers and those of the animals, we request full disclosure!


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