Respected Union Finance Minister, Remove GST on Health insurance of Senior Citizens.

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More than 10% of our population (8.5% in 2016) comprise of Senior citizens (SC) and protection of SC health is paramount importance because of their struggle in development of nation during their earlier years. Any Nations progress is measured by the well being of their SC and our country also not lagging behind in taking welfare measures of SC like old age pensions, concessions for SC, etc.
Hospitalisation and medical care cost are increasing @ 20 % every year. Many SC who don't have regular source of income or with meagre pension are unable to meet the cost of medical care and adding fuel to fire the insurance companies are doubling the insurance premium every year due to which big chunk of their saved money or full year or nearly 6 months pension to be earmarked for insurance. If insurance not made by SC, they will have to struggle for various deadly illnesses for which they are prone at this age.
Insurance companies are only bothered about making profit but not having social responsibility, including public sector insurance companies. Even the institutions where these SC worked are reluctant to share expenses of sky rocketing insurance premium.
Our govt has brought GST, One Nation One Tax into effect and since the beginning of GST govt has taken bold steps reduce GST on 90% of commodities and particularly more than 90% on basic needs. We fail to understand why  rate of GST 18% on insurance is same for luxurious needs like 4 wheelers, insurance of posh living needs, Life insurance sum assured in crores, etc and health insurance of SC. Majority of SC do not have regular source of income or only having pension to survive hand to mouth situation. We earnestly request our FM or PM to seriously think of SC health issue in absence of which SC have to succumb to dreaded illnesses due to old age factor. We request for total removal of GST on SC Health insurance at least for those SC who have income limit of ₹5.00 lakh PA and reduced GST for SC whose income is upto ₹10.00 lakhs.