Make Fly Swoop give Refunds

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With the current spread of Covid-19 many people are out of work, our own prime minister is asking us to stay home and there is no clear indications on when this pandemic will be completely over and many cities have began to implement lock downs. FlySwoop is refusing to issue refunds to its customers who helped build them into a multimillion dollar company. But instead they are offering either a 1 time free date change with modifly (mostly used by those flying within Canada) and for those flying outside of a Canada a travel credit with an expiry date. I am utterly and completely disgusted and shocked at how a company who claims to care for Canadian citizens can’t even do the right thing which would CLEARLY be to provide refunds to the many people who are in need of financial relief In these difficult and uncertain times. The CEO’s & people at the top who make these decisions lives are barely affect and they are proving they do not care about about the rest of us and the lives of their poor employees who continue to be exposed to the virus everyday because many people who may be infected are choosing to board flights anyways because they can’t get refunds and don’t wanna lose out. I’ve tried contacting them through social media and have now been blocked. Seeing so many people commenting with the same sentiment as myself I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and by starting this petition I hope to we can all band together, gain enough signatures and force a change into their current no refunds policy. If you agree that Swoop is making matters worse and should hand out refunds PLEASE SIGN! Thank you for your support it’s much appreciated and hopefully they will feel the burn and power of social media and we can force them into doing the RIGHT thing by us Canadians.