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Petitioning Superintendant Gena Keller

Demand the resignation of Dr. Yardley Farquharson.

After a history of demonstrating disrespect toward her students and parents in her past positions, Dr Farquharson has been hired as the new principal of Fluvanna County Middle School. After the first day, stories are emerging much more suited for a prison camp then a school. I request the parents of Fluvanna County sign this petition for the immediate removal of this administrator before irreparable harm is inflicted on our children.

Letter to
Superintendant Gena Keller
Due to recent issues regarding both the past and present performance of our new principal at Fluvanna Middle School, including reports from children of yelling, demeaning behavior by the new principal,unrealistic and ridiculous regulations placed upon the children, as well as a publicly documented history of similar issues from the Petersburg School District, we hereby demand the immediate resignation or termination of Dr. Yardley Farquharson.

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