Bring Back DownWorld

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Before anyone starts messaging me on ourWorld about taking the link down on oW, saying people might think it's a hack, view the link below. It's a trailer for DownWorld straight from FlowPlay's Youtube account.


Back around 2011, FlowPlay released a new web browser MMORPG similar to the aesthetics of the games we know today, such as ourWorld and VegasWorld, two games also developed and maintained by the same company, by the name of DownWorld.

DownWorld was, in itself, a new IP originally created to test a new combat and action-style engine, with success in doing so. It generated a slow but rather steady increase in popularity due to the creativity of the game and having it be something different than FlowPlay, Inc.'s already existing games. DownWorld shared a few aspects from the other games, such as avatar customization, profiles, friend lists, etc. What DownWorld did differently was introduced a brand new combat engine, fully fledged storytelling, two classes (Breaker, the melee-based class, and Caster, a magic-based class), customizable armor and weapon sets to give you buffs on five different element types during combat (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple damage), dungeon customization, and even PvP.

DownWorld had a lot going for it -- however, due to the rapid decrease of the fanbase just years later, the game could not fund itself to stay online, forcing it to shut down on September 1st, 2013.

Czarcasm, a forum moderator and part of the ourWorld team, stated in 2013: ". . . unfortunately, the game never really caught on and took up too many resources to build and maintain." In 2011, DownWorld boxes were created for ourWorld, including a dark and light version of various items that were in the late DownWorld title. 


Since the shutdown, ourWorld has seen a readily visible decline of quality assurance and creativity when it comes to item creation. ourWorld is slated to appear as a game client in the near future, much like the popular title League of Legends, or LoL, as Adobe will be discontinuing Flash support in 2020. This comes with a lot of complications which also needs more resources to create, maintain, and secure against DDOS attacks and hackers that connect to the client's database.

". . . trying to get that done for years. No one wants to deal with the necessary artwork and code changes. Maybe after we move the site to a new platform," Czarcasm stated in a forum post in response to a player asking about the Flow redemption system in ourWorld for level 100+, hinting at a move away from web browsers. Another post by Ooie, a forum moderator, had this to say: 

"To clarify, the idea that oW would be moving over to [haxe] was scrapped. [ourWorld] doesn't make enough money to allocate the time it would take to create a new version of the site like we did for VW. Instead, oW will become a downloadable client for desktops (similar to how you need to download a game like League of Legends and play it directly from that client) and continue to run via Flash as it always has. It won't be getting a remodel, it'll play the same and look the same as it always has, receive updates in the same manner only when the time comes, you'll need to access it via that downloadable client and not through a browser."

During this time, I have spent some time speaking to those on ourWorld and on the PlayTest server, asking if they missed DownWorld. The answer I received was a resounding "yes". Personally, I feel DownWorld was an amazing step forward to something new and creative, just the game was released at the wrong time, just when ourWorld was growing in popularity, and VegasWorld was just about to start up.

FlowPlay, Inc., we as a community stand here today looking for a possible return of DownWorld, and the forward movement of said IP to grow just as big as ourWorld has in popularity. I believe now is a great time to release it once more, as most of the ourWorld community has moved away from its dress-up chatroom-esque feel and want something more out of the core concept. 


I believe I can speak for the ones who won't, the ones who can, and those who are already speaking, to say to bring back DownWorld. Listen to the player base. Hear their requests.



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