Keep Rambo and Mary Together!

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Keep Rambo and Mary Together!

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Nick Wiley - Executive Director Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC)

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Started by Anji Black

11 years ago, Rambo was adopted by Mary Thorn of Lakeland, FL.

Mary has been taking care of disabled alligators for years. It is not uncommon to find Mary and Rambo at benefits where she educates people about alligators and allows them to pet and take pictures with Rambo.

Rambo has proven to be quite docile and sweet as he welcomes kisses and obviously loves to be the center of attention. This special guy is potty trained, knows to keep his snout tightly closed while in the company of people and even raises his head to accept petting. Rambo obeys 70 commands and has never had an incident in the many years that he has been exposed to the public.

Sadly, Rambo may be removed from his home with Mary because she does not have the required 2 1/2 acres to accommodate a 6 foot-plus alligator.

An alligator who also resides indoors....

Rambo suffers from extreme sensitivity to the sunlight due to the poor conditions of darkness that he endured prior to meeting Mary. The clothing that he wears is not for entertainment but is designed to protect his fragile skin. 

Rambo accompanies Mary to special charitable events and she donates 100% of the earnings to organizations like: Shriners, Toys for Tots, schools and police departments. 

Due to a paperwork issue on her Class II license that was obtained in 2012, Rambo's well being is at a crossroads. Apparently, Rambo has outgrown the 6 foot rule pertaining to this permit and his fate is in the hands of the FWC.

Rambo has never lived in the wild and the presence of more land is not going to benefit a gator who resides indoors.

We do not want to see Rambo removed from his loving home and placed into unknown conditions - especially when he is afraid of outside noises and is very much a member of the family. Rambo and Mary are obviously attached to each other and, though they may be the "odd" couple, they are apparently the right pair who should rightfully stay together.

Therefore, we are asking the Florida Wildlife Commission to please make an exception in regards to the 2 1/2 acre rule so that Mary and Rambo can remain together.


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This petition had 2,769 supporters

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