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Florida Stop Endangering The Witness To Your Crimes

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It is reasonable to say that the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) doesn’t like that my brother Harold Hempstead wouldn’t stop pursuing justice for the brutal murder of mentally disabled inmate Darren Rainey by Dade Correctional Institution staff.  Also, it is reasonable to say that FDC’s dislike for the foregoing and other matters that my brother is trying to bring change to, is what has caused FDC staff to continue to house my brother with convicted, drug-using killers.

Since June 2015, FDC has given my brother five convicted killers as cell-mates.  His first cell-mate, (TJ) was a meth and crack-cocaine abuser in society who after being awake for days at a time would stab and shoot people from hallucinations.  Eventually he killed a man and got placed in prison.  He was also a Satanist.  While housed with my brother he abused several drugs that made him stay awake for days and hallucinate.  Medical and security had to remove him from my brother’s cell two times because he overdosed.  The cell-mate TJ had after my brother, he stabbed in the eye with a pen and almost killed.

The second convicted killer, (TS) my brother received as a cell-mate was addicted to spice which made him hallucinate and become violent.  FDC staff dismissed a disciplinary report TS had for spice so they could place him in a cell with my brother.

After Martin C.I. staff found out that my brother had been communicating with the media, civil rights groups, etc. about the unconstitutional conditions of FDC Protective Management (PM) units, they took my brother out of the cell he was housed alone in and placed him in a cell with a convicted killer (who was also in prison for sexual battery), (RD)  and who was addicted to spice and pills.  This was his third drug-abusing, killer cell-mate.

His fourth convicted killer (JP) cell-mate was a crack-cocaine abuser in society who killed an older white lady and burned her house down.

When my brother filed a grievance about constantly receiving convicted killers as cell-mates,  FDC gave him a fifth convicted killer (TP) as a cell-mate, who is also a spice-abuser.

My brother has mailed several sworn affidavits and letters to the Governor’s Chief Inspector General Melinda Miguel and numerous others about this problem.

My brother is not compatible to be housed with these convicted killers.  Harold is in prison for burglaries and dealing in stolen property.  None of the alleged victims were in their homes during the commission of the alleged burglaries.  His criminal case record will show that he’s convicted under a ringleader theory, and the legislative history of the dealing in stolen property charge that he’s convicted under (Florida Statute : 812.019  {2}) shows he’s convicted as a white-collar criminal.  Also, FDC’s ‘Inmate Risk Management System / Sexual Risk Indicator’ (IRMS / SRI) has Harold ranked as “identified prey.”  This means FDC has identified him as the type of inmate other inmates will try to prey upon.  Finally, Harold has eight years with no disciplinary reports and it is well documented that he is anti to violence, drug-use and crime.

Florida Statute : 944.012 (6) (B) and FDC’s IRMS/SRI system prohibits the housing of violent inmates with non-violent inmates identified as prey.

FDC records and Miami Herald newspaper articles will show FDC has a problem with inmates killing and seriously harming their cellmates for many years now.

Why does FDC continue to house my brother with convicted, drug-using killers?  I believe the answer is obvious: (1) He’s the eyewitness who first exposed the Darren Rainey murder and torturing of mentally disabled inmates at Dade C.I.  He’s a listed Federal and State witness to the foregoing.

(2)  He’s been working on exposing the unconstitutional conditions of FDC Protective Management (PM) Units where inmates are being physically hurt and killed on a regular basis.

(3)  He’s been working on exposing that FDC is allowing convicted sexual predators to go to FDC visitation parks every Saturday and Sunday where children congregate, in violation of the Florida Sexual Predator Act (Florida Statute : 775.21 (10) (B)).

(4)­  He’s been trying to expose that FDC is allowing inmates with communicable diseases, etc. to work in FDC chowhalls, in violation of federal and state laws.

(5)  He’s been trying to expose that FDC staff are arming inmates with razors at non-psyc. institutions and FDC knows the inmates are using the razors to cut and hurt inmates and staff.  Every week inmates at non-psyc. institutions are given a shaving razor.  The blades are being removed from the shavers and being used as weapons.

Harold has First Amendment constitutional rights to Freedom of Speech and redress of grievances.  He shouldn’t be subjected to retaliation for asserting these rights.  Miami Herald newspaper articles will show FDC staff have a pattern and practice of subjecting staff and inmates to retaliation when they speak out about the unconstitutional conditions of FDC.

I’m asking for one hundred thousand signatures to present this petition (with more detailed facts) to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Department of Justice asking them to investigate the issues stated herein.  I’ll also be asking the DOJ to conduct a ‘Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act’ (CRIPA) investigation into FDC’s pattern and practice of retaliation against staff and inmates who try and expose the unconstitutional conditions of FDC. 

Windy Hempstead

Please also sign this petition for justice for Darren Rainey, the black Muslim prisoner who was tortured to death by Dade C.I. staff in a chamber of super-heated steam.  Since the 23rd June, 2012  murder, Harold Hempstead has been risking his life in trying to expose the truth about Darren Rainey.  Please help this campaign, and show that you share our belief that all human lives matter.

The Miami Herald has written numerous articles on Darren Rainey and Harold Hempstead:

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