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I am petitioning Florida State University and the Board of Trustees to remove Dr. David Glener from being a staff member at Florida State University. His comments made on the site about Advanced Nurse Practitioners is not only placing harm on the nursing profession, but on positive patient outcomes. The disillusioned comments include "Nurse practitioners are not, I repeat, not physicians. They lack the education, IQ, and clinical experience. There is no depth of understanding. They are useful but only as minions. Not politically correct, but true. Who would you want your family member seen by-- a nurse or a physician?" and "You can be competent nurse practitioners but you are still not physicians. You are subordinates. If you are so proud of being NP's, why do you allow patients to call you ‘doctor’ and you don't correct them. You think it’s cute to be ‘Dr. Susie’ or ‘Dr. Brian.’ Ever see a CRNA in the operating room when something goes wrong? They freakout and scream for the anesthesiologist whenever something does not go according to plan, And before you claim I am "sexist", my sister is a physician and so is my daughter... and they both agree with me," have no place in the progressive ways of thinking at FSU. Including that recently the FSU Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, and Social Work, in collaboration with FAMU College of Pharmacy, found that it is imperative to have interdisciplinary collaboration for positive patient outcomes.

This is not about these comments being sexist or not politically correct, as Dr. Glener’s comments imply, this goes directly to a professor teaching that there is still a hierarchy in health care and it is not about patient centered care or a collaborative approach. This line of thinking can damage a patient's outcome and cause them undue harm. Also, what qualifies him to generalize that Advanced Nurse Practitioners are lackeys for doctors that lack an IQ, clinical experience, and education? Would he say the same thing about Physician Assistants? There are other states that allow Advanced Nurse Practitioners to have full practice rights and trust them unconditionally with their own practices. There have been numerous research studies conducted about the efficacy of utilizing Advanced Nurse Practitioners as primary care providers. The results found that Advanced Nurse Practitioners have equal or better outcomes and are rated higher and more favorably when compared to physicians. Therefore, this way of thinking has no place in a health care system that wants to progress towards a better tomorrow. It is not only degrading towards nurses, but undermines the unity that healthcare professionals need to achieve for better patient outcomes.


This petition does not endorse personal calls, emails, or comments left on business forums about Dr. Glener or ANY forms of violence or threats of violence towards Dr. Glener. 

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