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Petitioning Athletic Director Stan Wilcox Florida State University Powers That Be and 2 others

We the People of FSU - Fan Base, Alumni, Boosters, Students etc. wholeheartedly disapprove of new logo design. We want action. Restore traditional classic design or we will not purchase.

I want to make a difference by stopping the viewpoint that everything must be progressive.  Sometimes tradition is a much better way to go.  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies here and we need to make sure this new logo does not make it to market.  GO NOLES!  We will come with 1 million people if we have to.  We have over 7,000 signatures in a few hours.  I also have the National News on standby.  If you do not want a nationwide backlash over this issue, then I would suggest that you rethink your actions.  NOLE NATION WILL NOT BE SOLD OUT TO NIKE OR ANY OTHER MASSIVE CORPORATION!

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  • Athletic Director Stan Wilcox
    Florida State University Powers That Be
  • President of Florida State University
    Eric Barron
  • Vice President for University Relations
    Elizabeth Maryanski

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