FSU Coronavirus response: Pass/Fail grades NOW!

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On March 17, Florida State University announced it would move to online distance learning for the remainder of the semester. As impacted students, we demand that our university represent our best interests by moving to a pass/fail grading system for the semester. The transition itself to online classes represents a deterioration in the quality of our education, since professors did not have a meaningful amount of planning time for this change. Countless working class students have unreliable computer or wifi access, challenging their ability to meaningfully engage in distance learning. Additionally, the unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus pandemic presents financial and emotional challenges for students that can negatively impact our grades. Many of us are losing our jobs and are concerned about paying rent; others continue to go to work without paid sick leave, worried they may contract the coronavirus and fall ill or transmit it to someone else. Many of us are immunocompromised or otherwise vulnerable, or have loved ones who are uniquely vulnerable to the virus. We are primarily concerned with our health and economic stability. We demand the university consider all these factors and more and move to a pass/fail grading system for the well-being of the student body.