Protect your pets. They are family too. JUSTICE FOR GITANA!

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On July 26 2019 around 1pm my mother was walking her two small dogs in our neighborhood. I received a franctic call where all I could hear was my mother’s screams saying ‘It killed her. It killed her.’ I ran to see what happened and found one of my mother’s dogs lifeless body laying on the street with an open wound to her side bleeding to death.

A loose neighbor’s large dog had attacked them while she had been walking them. I tried rushing her injured dog Gitana to the hospital but her wounds were just too much for her small body and she passed away. The large dog who attacked and killed Gitana had been left outside unattended and unsupervised by its owners. They weren’t even home when this occurred. Furthermore, their dog has been seen out wandering the neighborhood in the past and this was not first time animal control had been called to get this dog. 

We were told that a civil suit could be filed but nothing more could be done as pets in the United States are only seen as property and nothing more. The owners of this dangerous dog at maximum will receive a few fines and may have to cover medical expenses but criminal charges can’t be made as a human was not biten or killed during the attack. It is absolutely unacceptable that a small innocent dog was murdered by another much larger dog whose owners were negligent and failed to keep it contained within their property securely and safely.

I am here today to make sure that owners are held responsible and their actions deemed criminal not only when a HUMAN is Involved but also a PET. This is not only for Gitana but for all past, present and future pets whom this may happen to. We should have the right to press CRIMINAL CHARGES against Owners whom are negligent in securing their pets in an appropriate and safe manner knowing they are capable of escaping from their property. Even more so, if another pet is injured or killed due to this exact situation. Let’s change this absurd law where pets are just labeled as property. PETS ARE FAMILY TOO!