Luli Law, Change 828​.​126 Florida Law Sexual Activities from a Misdemeanor to a Felony

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Luli’s Law – We need your help, please!

For many years now I’ve had people ask me how we could keep the horrific abuse Luli suffered from happening again to other pets.  Could we work to get a Luli Law passed?  I reached out to a lawyer friend of Luli’s and he referred me to the Animal Protection Laws of Florida, specifically Section 828.12 - Cruelty to animals, and Section 828.126 - Sexual activities involving animals.  Currently, Florida statutes treat violations of these laws as misdemeanors rather than felonies.  I think we all would agree that acts of cruelty to animals warrant a felony charge.  To honor Luli and other pets that have been abused, I’m asking for your help in getting these Florida laws changed to a Felony.

Animal Sexual Abuse is a problem that is difficult to quantify because most abuse occurs in secret and the victims can never tell. Most times when this happens it results in death.

Luli Story:

First, a warning for those of you with tender hearts: the beginning of Luli’s story is deeply disturbing. We are sharing the information here because it will help you understand the medical and emotional issues Luli continues to face. If you are easily upset, you may want to skip ahead to the next paragraph. The little we know about Luli’s life prior to rescue is horrific and heartbreaking. In November, 2014, Miami/Dade County, Florida authorities removed Luli from her home, where she had been the victim of repeated sexual abuse by her male owner. Severe damage to her abdominal organs, especially her colon, resulted from this abuse. It’s difficult to comprehend how someone could hurt an innocent animal in this way, but we know this sort of evil exists in the world. Thank goodness for a Schnauzer Rescue and other rescue agencies that step up in these especially difficult cases.
Luli was first taken to an emergency animal hospital; her condition needed to be stabilized before doctors could begin to treat the various injuries resulting from her abuse. Luli then underwent multiple surgeries, during which she was spayed, and her colon and a hernia repaired. After recovering from these surgeries, Luli continued to suffer from recurrent colitis and stool incontinence. The rescue group working with Luli during this time eventually turned her over to a vet, saying they could no longer afford to cover her medical costs. Fortunately, this vet continued to treat Luli and give her a chance to show her fighting spirit.

At this point, the vet contacted a Schnauzer Rescue, and in May, 2015, Luli became the newest rescue. Luli was initially fostered by Carolyn Burleson-Webb and her husband, Kevin. They began working with an Orlando vet, Dr. Bacia, who helped solve some of Luli’s ongoing medical issues. Luli also had knee surgery to correct damage done by her abuser. When Carolyn and Kevin traveled out of town in late summer, 2015, Judy and Kandy offered to care for Luli while her foster parents were away for the week. These temporary foster moms quickly fell in love with Luli and became her regular foster parents.
Unfortunately, Luli continued to have serious problems with her colon. Her doctors had tried to keep her procedures as minimally invasive as possible, but now felt that more needed to be done to get Luli healthy. So, in September, 2015, Luli underwent major abdominal surgery at the University of Florida. Luli’s colon was tacked to her abdominal wall, and a balloon procedure was used to break up scar tissue that was causing a blockage. This was a hard surgery for such a tiny girl, but Luli once again showed everyone that she was made of stronger stuff! Her foster moms were with her every step of the way, and the bond between them grew more powerful each day. 

On November 8, 2015, Luli was officially adopted by her foster moms, Judy Long and Kandy Davis. Luli has touch hearts all over the world that has followed her journey.

This fight is not only for Your Girl Luli but the many that has suffer the same abuse.