Make the captivation of Killer Whales for amusement and performance purposes illegal.

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This is important because a former SeaWorld trainer has just stated that in order to get the whales to perform, they starve them for several days so they want the food as an award.  This is inhumane.  Furthermore, Orcas are called Killer Whales for a reason.  They are meant to hunt.  The physiological impacts of being shut into a pen are drastic causing these animals to lash out in frustration and injuring or killing trainers such as the tragedy with Dawn Brancheau in Orlando.  Animal behaviorists would compare this to living in a bath tub your whole life.  Additionally,  these animals are not genetically compatible like they are in pods and fight or even fatally injure each other.  Moreover, contrary to popular belief living in captivity significantly shortens the lives of Orcas due to stress, anxiety, and depression.  SeaWorld inseminates the same whales multiple times and often inbreeding animals causing harmful or undesirable  traits to continue to be passed down.  In one case they bred a mother with her two sons.  That is incest.  If incest is wrong for humans it is certainly wrong for whales.  These whales are artificially bred before they are sexually mature shortening their lifespans.  Conclusively these animals are cruelly treated everyday.  There is nothing natural about the way they live.  It must end.  As if being stared at all day locked in a swimming pool is not bad enough, they have to perform if they want to eat.  Please join me in putting a stop to this cold, heartless, source of entertainment and sign this petition.  And pass on this message: "Orcas need to be roaming free.  No animal should have to entertain for me."

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