We the People DEMAND an end to systemic racism

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We are in midst of changing history.Everything that we are currently fighting for right now cannot and will not be resolved unless we change the system. We have to understand that as a community the “WE THE PEOPLE” of the constitution only refers to and supports the majority of that time period. We the people of 2020 should include everyone no matter the race/culture/gender. We also have to understand that THE UNITED STATES wasn’t created by white Europeans alone if we truly wish to be diverse than starting from the beginning of the system is the only way to go otherwise this will just be an endless cycle. I understand the process of amending the constitution but why do we have to follow that when the people who created the process themselves were white ,land owning men, so excuse my French but F the process. we can elect specific people from our respected communities to sit down together and come with new ideas of how it should be written and what each culture/race/gender wants or needs. But after getting rid of all the corruption in the CURRENT government (republicans and democrats alike)