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ALEC ( American Legislative Exchange Council) is a private organization founded by conservative Republicans, which allows state legislators and private sector representatives to formulate draft bills and laws that may be passed by states if in favour of the suggestion. Laws such as “Stand Your Ground Law” which protected George Zimmermann in the state of Florida after murdering Trayvon Martin. The voter ID act, made to suppress Indigenous and rural voting. Bill sb 1070 was a bill that was pushed by ALEC that encouraged “legal racial profiling” by state law enforcement. The law allowed officers to ask for legal documentation during an arrest or stop, and apprehend a person based on suspicion of their race, to push towards the “capture” of illegal immigrants in the United States. This organization favours Republican views and the oppression of minority groups, both economical and racial. These model bills are in favour , directly and indirectly, of the biggest issue in the United States, which is Institutional Racism. Though ALEC has much power of the population, financially and politically, the model bills are being passed and they go against civil rights of minority groups in America.