DCF should be required to prove positive findings in court if the family appeals or disagr

DCF should be required to prove positive findings in court if the family appeals or disagr

November 6, 2020
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Why this petition matters

I am a previous employee of Department of Children and Families that has underwent whistleblower retaliation. My case is still ongoing in Leon County Court.

I have looked over many cases locally in Florida and those in NY and MA. The Department of Children and Families are known for removing children from families, bullying and lying to families, having little to no regulatory provisions, little oversight from the courts, and constant abuse of power. 

I want to propose a change to Ch 39 Florida Statutes concerning child welfare investigations. I believe if the Department of Children and Families investigations results in verified findings, meaning this will always be on that person's record in FSFN, Florida Safe Family Network, it should meet certain evidentiary criteria. If a family appeals the Department's verified findings a hearing before a family court Judge should take place for evidence to be heard and ruled upon.

I recently had my previous employer, DCF, investigate my family. We were fostering 6 children at the time. DCF verified their findings on me and my family with no evidence, no witnesses, and failed to collect evidence, even lied in their investigative summary. When all of this was reported to the Investigator General's office, the IG allowed DCF to investigate their own negligence and malfeasance. 

Other families have been intruded upon by DCF and required to move out of their own homes, due to "safety plans". There are major cases being brought against some of these agencies for violation of civil rights, however many attorneys won't bother with cases against DCF citing sovereign immunity.

If a police officer is required to get a search warrant or attend a traffic hearing for a citizen wanting to fight a speeding ticket as a check and balance for abuse of power, shouldn’t DCF have to do the same?

There needs to be accountability for poor training, lack of following FCOP's, and misconduct by these government employees! 

I am happy to share my story and evidence

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Signatures: 277Next Goal: 500
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