Keep Schools Safe, No More Mass Shootings!

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We all want our schools to be safe for our kids so that they can focus on learning so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow. Yet, both our schools and our kids are left defenseless against the threat of mass shootings. Active shooters are able to strike at will against our schools and in minutes cause mass causalities largely without having to face any real consequences until the police are able to arrive in full force. We can only solve this problem if we come together as a nation and foremost respect each others views. While acknowledging our nation's 2nd amendment and fundamental right to bear arms for law abiding citizens we must also acknowledge that there are those who every reasonable person would agree should not have access to guns. The unfortunate truth is that those people we fear, will always find a way to get a hold of a weapon, even with the strictest laws. The goal is to make schools safe quickly, and in the most cost-effective way so that no parent ever again has to see their child brought out from a school in a body bag.

The most effective way to ensure schools are as safe as possible from the moment that a shooter is spotted to the moment the police have a chance to arrive is to have a suitable number of well trained & well vetted armed security guards proportional to each school’s size. These can be veterans, retired police officers, or experienced security contractors who have the know-how, the temperament, and physical capabilities to engage shooters if necessary, and therefore give our kids a chance to barricade themselves in class rooms until the police are able to neutralize the threat. For Example, the very presence of 10 armed guards in a large high school would act as a strong deterrent, making any would-be shooter have to think twice about attacking any school. 

The costs involved are minimal and work out to about $2-$3 per week per household to fully fund the $15 per hour salary, the health insurance and workers compensation costs and the employer taxes that each school district would have to incur to support suitable numbers of armed security personnel per school. The weekly costs can be cut further with support from business. 

This change can only be brought forth with support for legislation from the State legislature, including the State House of Representatives, the State Senate and the State Governor and from broad support by all those who care! Without everyone coming together, all of our kids lives are at stake when they really shouldn't have to be! 

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