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Florida Lawmakers- Fix Your FWC Problem-Floridians Say No to Bear Hunt!

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The decision by the FWC commissioners to approve a black bear hunt here in Florida, for the first time in twenty years, is a red flag.

FWC claims to have moved the decision-making process closer to the public who they claim are stakeholders. After disregarding public opinion polls and listening to the comments of the Floridians who attended the June meeting- both of which were overwhelmingly AGAINST a bear hunt- the commissioners voted for a hunt.

According to FWC, there are 242,000 hunters in Fl. and 19 million residents. Hunters comprise 1.2736% of  the population. Hunting's annual economic impact is $1.6 billion while wildlife watching's annual economic impact is $4.9 billion.

FWC commissioners have no science to back their hunt approval, minuscule public support for it, and have said a hunt will not end human-bear conflicts.

Being a hunter should be automatic disqualification for anyone applying for a position as an FWC commissioner. The bear hunt approval proves the bias that exists when the commissioners are, for the most part, hunters themselves.

These hunters believe that, because they have been in the woods "with" the target animals, this qualifies them as "management" and that anyone who disagrees with that assumption is, basically, stupid. How stupid can we be, we elected you and put you in office.

Our commissioners basically thumbed their noses at the majority of the people they are supposed to work for and bowed down to a minority special interest.

By Nov. 1, 2015 there will be over 300 dead black bears in Florida ONLY because 1.2736% of Florida resident wanted them that way, and their mouthpiece - the FWC commissioners - gave them permission to do it.

"We the People" were ignored. If the FWC commissioners did this once, they will do it again.

Florida lawmakers - FIX THIS!


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